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These are free WordPress themes which were last tested with WordPress 2.8.3.

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Blue Tech WordPress Theme
Download Links
Blue Tech Fixed Width 47.45 kB (6390 Downloads)
Blue Tech Fluid Width 44.41 kB (2480 Downloads)

Corporate Pro WordPress Theme
Download Link
Corporate Pro 40.37 kB (4304 Downloads)

Executive Pro WordPress Theme
Download Link
Executive Pro 45.02 kB (3922 Downloads)

Flawless Imperfection WordPress Theme
Download Link
Flawless Imperfection 344.78 kB (5337 Downloads)

Hope in Dark WordPress Theme
Download Link
Hope in Dark 46.46 kB (1931 Downloads)

Simple Blog WordPress Theme
Download Link
Simple Blog 32.33 kB (3785 Downloads)

Solemn Orange WordPress Theme
Download Link
Solemn Orange 85.2 kB (882 Downloads)

Tranquil Rose WordPress Theme
Download Link
Tranquil Rose 108.63 kB (3585 Downloads)

WP Colors WordPress Theme
Download Links
Blue/Orange Fixed Width 60.63 kB (4711 Downloads)
Blue/Orange Fluid width 62.1 kB (3209 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fixed Width 59.36 kB (3218 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fluid Width 56.29 kB (887 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fluid Width 56.29 kB (887 Downloads)
Pink/Black Fluid Width 58.84 kB (3049 Downloads)
Red/Black Fixed Width 61.74 kB (910 Downloads)
Red/Black Fluid Width 64.45 kB (1248 Downloads)

Free Christmas WordPress Themes

Festive WordPress Theme
Download Link
Festive 85.85 kB (2997 Downloads)

Silent Night WordPress Theme
Download Link
Silent Night 68.73 kB (720 Downloads)

Winter Wonderland WordPress Theme
Download Link
Winter Wonderland 87.24 kB (4798 Downloads)
Winter Wonderland Romanian Images 29.55 kB (1910 Downloads)


Please do not submit our themes to be downloaded elsewhere.

Under no circumstances may you use any parts of our themes for resale, this means you cannot take one of our themes, change a few things or add a few things and then sell it. These themes are the property of Kalina Web Designs and you do not have permission to alter them for resale purposes.

You may use our themes for your site, but you may not redistribute our themes nor claim them as your own. The credit link back to us must remain intact at ALL times.

Installation/Customization: Each theme comes with a readme.txt file, please refer to it for installation and customization instructions, which may vary from theme to theme.